The 7 Key Personality Traits and the wardrobe of a real woman in the style of Dolce & Gabbana

Women are very love Dolce & Gabbana dearly, and this is quite natural. Italians are close to luxury and elegance. This famous brand is a kind of mixture of Mediterranean flavor, Baroque and retro films, where a woman can feel like the main character.
A real woman in the style of Dolce is not a hostage of the outfit and the brand as a whole, but first of all a certain character that she expresses through clothes. Let's figure out who she is and what she wears.

I want to make a reservation right away, Dolce and Gabbana offer us a philosophy and style. Style will never force you to fill the cabinets with things exclusively of this famous brand. A person with any budget and breadth of choice has the right to be what he wants to see himself.

Seven Key Personality Traits:

1. Aristocracy and drama

Aristocracy and drama

Gestures, manners, posture, conversation and the way to carry yourself are much more important than the outfits themselves.

Best of all, this quality will emphasize the black color, which has become the hallmark of Dolce & Gabbana. Feminine, restrained, but not vulgar black dresses of the "Sicilian widow" are the main elements of the style. This is a real Italian tradition, especially strong in the south of the country. Grieving widows wrap themselves and their home in the color of mourning. Suffering, strength, drama, defenselessness and beauty make the female image magical, but desirable. Closed dresses, bustier dresses, the neckline of which is often covered with a shawl or veil, an accentuated waist, lace, silk and tulle will help to create a fatal image in the spirit of the heroines of "The Godfather".

Pearls, cameos and crosses, which are closely associated with religiosity, will help complete the image.

2. Sexuality


A real woman, healthy, sensual and emotional, chooses the colors of passion and drama, red, black and white, feminine floral prints or uses elements of male style to further emphasize her fragility.

She is bold and insatiable, so in this regard, there is no way to bypass the famous leopard print. You can either love or hate him, but it is almost impossible to treat him neutrally, just like the woman from Dolce herself. Do not avoid beautiful underwear. Its presence is a sign of respect for yourself and your body.

By the way, it was Dolce and Gabbana who raised linen chic to unprecedented heights and consider non-shameful outfits a la nightgown and other things of frank styles, inspired by the boudoir. 

3. Freedom


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbano argue that the main rule is no rules.

You need to wear something that makes you happy, clothes that make you feel irresistible.

Wayward and daring natures can choose at one time an innovative idea of famous couturiers, torn and richly decorated jeans. They are torn in various ways, tearing them with stones, washing them, putting them in a washing machine with stones to create a unique artistic effect.

4. Personality


The emphasis should always be on the person.

Find your special detail that will distinguish you and express it through clothes.

It's like Sophia Loren's cleavage, Brigitte Bardot's tight silhouettes and a Vichy cage, Elizabeth Taylor's full skirts and diamonds. 

5. The Inner Princess

The Inner Princess

 Every woman has a little capricious and wayward princess who dreams of a fairy tale and wants to wear red and a crown.

Remember the crowns and headbands from Dolce & Gabbana?

All for a reason!

Every woman simply has to feel beautiful and receive a lot of compliments. They are so uplifting and self-esteem. Designers advise you to be sure to have a small black dress, a pair of stilettos and luxury accessories that will help make even such a simple outfit special. An elegant clutch with stones for the evening and a Miss Sicily bag for the day out are must-haves that will help out in almost any situation.

6. Taste


 Do not chase trends.

It is better to choose what suits you personally.

That is why every season of Dolce & Gabbana does not ignore proven styles, fitted silhouettes, bustiers, puffy skirts, pencil skirts and elements of men's wardrobe. Clothing makes sense only on the person himself.

7. Spontaneity and naturalness

Spontaneity and naturalness

 You don't have to be perfect or too serious.

You need to enjoy life.

The Italians have a saying "dolce far niente" (dolce far niente) "the pleasure of doing nothing" or "sweet doing nothing", which perfectly reflects the ability to relax and just enjoy the moment.

A happy woman can be irresistible in one simple white shirt. It's all about her energy. Bring a little humor, juicy flowers and the Sicilian sun to the images.


Key things in the wardrobe:

  • A little black dress or a Sicilian widow's dress
  • Bustier dress and other elements of lingerie chic like a silk top or a combination dress.
  • Torn jeans or jeans with a rich decor
  • A suit in the men's style. It can be worn on the naked body.
  • White shirt
  • Pencil skirt
  • A full skirt or a dress with a full skirt in flowers
  • A pair of hairpins, for example, boats
  • Casual bag like Tote Borse
  • Silk handkerchief with a print. It can be tied on a bag or on the head as a bandage, a scarf or a turban.
  • Fancy earrings like Good Floral Leaves Clip On
  • Cross Pendant
  • A string of pearls
  • Gold Hoop Earrings
  • Sunglasses shaped like "cat's eyes"
  • Things in the Mediterranean style, bags and clothes with knitting and appliques, ruffles, polka dots.

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