NIALAYA JEWELRY: Features And History Of The Jewelry Brand

The modern world of jewelry is simply incredible. It presents many unique jewelry brands that differ in their history, philosophy, approach to the selection of precious metals and stones. And if in ancient times people were engaged in jewelry making mainly as part of a family business, today it is possible to create beautiful jewelry without belonging to a special group of people, and this is wonderful.

Jewelers around the world surprise connoisseurs of luxury jewelry and present collections for every day and for special occasions. Jewelry has long ceased to be an attribute of the classic and conservative style of clothing, and today you can choose very bright and atypical jewelry to suit your style.

This brand has a very interesting history of creation, and all NIALAYA jewelry models are not alike.

We will tell you about the brand features in details below.



The NIALAYA brand is originally from the USA. Today, NIALAYA bracelets for men and women are produced by a large jewelry company, which employs true professionals and fans of their craft. The fact that the founder himself was born in Denmark has greatly influenced the visual component of the brand and the values ​​with which nialaya bracelets are presented to the buyer.

The very story of how the idea to create NIALAYA bracelets for men and women was born is very fascinating.

It happened to Yannick Olander while he was traveling in India. Then Yannick met a shaman who gave him important advice: follow your dream and stop focusing only on material wealth. After considering the instructions from the shaman, upon his return, Yannick came up with the idea of ​​unusual bracelets.


When the founder of the NIALAYA company came up with the idea of ​​making bracelets, he initially started from the idea of ​​creating something not just beautiful, but a useful and beneficial piece of jewelry. Therefore, NIALAYA bracelets are not just an accessory.

Each model of NIALAYA jewelry is a tool for stimulating the spiritual beginnings of its owner. All nialaya bracelets are a unique jewelry creation, in which materials, precious stones and metals are selected based on the rules of combination and the ability to influence the human aura.

If we talk about the specific features of nialaya jewelry, then it is worth noting the following:

  • Nialaya leather bracelets for men and women are created exclusively by hand.
  • Each stone that adorns NIALAYA bracelets performs a specific function and is selected exclusively within the correct combinations.
  • All parts - materials, precious stones, metals, fasteners - go through a special cleaning with sage.
  • New NIALAYA collections are released twice a year. Therefore, fans of the brand and connoisseurs of designer jewelry can often choose NIALAYA women's bracelets and NIALAYA men's bracelets.
  • Each collection contains NIALAYA bracelets decorated with different precious and semi-precious stones.

Today, NIALAYA bracelets for men and women can be bought in twenty-five countries. Interestingly, the brand presents NIALAYA jewelry models only in the top boutiques, hotels and fashion stores.

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